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Wednesday, June 6, 2012



• 50cm of 16-gauge wire
• 1.5m - 2m of 24-gauge wire
• Selection of 4mm to 8mm beads and crystals of your choice

• Flat-edged pliers
• Cutting pliers

Step 1:
Using the 16-gauge wire, hand form it into a zig-zag shape, using the photo as a reference. Make sure the ends cross over by about 3-4cm.

Step 2:
Cut about 3cm of 24-gauge wire and use it to wrap the ends together securely, using the flat edged pliers to pull tight the wire on each turn. This is your cuff frame.

Step 3:
Cut a piece of 24-gauge wire that’s about 2cm longer than the end width of your cuff frame. Curve one end over — this helps to hook it onto the cuff frame.

Step 4:
Once your wire is hooked onto your cuff frame, wrap this piece of 24-gauge wire 3-5 times around one side of the frame, load with a selection of beads and then wrap 3-5 times on the other side of the frame.

Step 5:
Continue in this way — applying the extra 2cm rule from Step 3 to each piece of wire to ensure you cater for all the various widths of the cuff frame — until the whole frame is filled with beads. Try to mix up your beads so there are not two of the same colour bead next to each other and so that the sizes are varied.

Step 6:
Mould the cuff to fit around your wrist comfortably.

courtesey: Amanda Dick

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