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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hanging File

Hanging File

This file lets you store your letter post tidily yet accessibly, without making lots of
holes in the wall. It’s not even necessary to take the file off the chain when you need
something inside it.

Size for DIN A4 paper
Pattern: 1 Square = 2.5 x 2.5 cm

• Yellow, brown, green, orange and check linen
• 3 commercially available hanging files
• Bondaweb (double-sided adhesive web)

Cutting out
Measure the opened hanging fi le carefully. Finished width 1 cm more than the file,
length plus 7 cm hem on each side. For our standard A4-format file, cut out
67 x 36 cm, including seam.

1. Mark bottom-edge fold. Cut out all flower sections as per the pattern pieces and
2. Hem the sides with a narrow hem, so that the final size is 1 cm wider than the file.
Neaten short sides. Iron Bondaweb onto back of fabric. Iron fabric onto the file.
Iron hems inwards.

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